I started The Dream Cake simply because of the dreams I was having about cake.  I would fall asleep with visions in my head about sweets I could create and the next day I would bring them to life.  I quickly realized that the necessary products were not readily available locally.  I've since then slowed down on selling my cakes and have focused on holding classes and selling products that are not only fundamental for baking but add the "Zhoozh" that Im all about!  All cakes should be celebrated, and it's fitting that it's at the center of every party.  My mission is to create a desire in each of you to bring to life your own dream cake, to bring happiness to your home and loved ones. 


My husband and I have also started to create cake stands from wood.  We think they are the sweetest necessity for your cakes.  I love to zhoozh them up with a scarf or a cute sign, Its my signature on a product that we are very proud of.  We have several in production and will be adding them to the website.



Gina Smith

The Dream Cake